Data in one place

Unite your data in one place

Easily import and visualize your data from spreadsheets, Google Analytics, Google Ads, BigQuery, and other databases.

Connect the dots

Explore the data

Transform your raw data into easy-to-understand reports and dashboards that fit your business intelligence needs.

Impactful stories

Tell impactful stories

Create and share data visualizations that automatically turn numbers into insights through engaging charts and graphs.

Empower your teams

Empower your teams

Share marketing and business data with your teams in real time so that everyone can always find the answers they need.

"With Data Studio we can fully automate views that we’re interested in. Now we can focus on creating ideas for optimizing campaigns, media, and creative. We don’t have to spend time setting up reports."

—David Vopelka, Digital Marketing Manager, Česká spořiteln

Data powers modern business


When everyone on the team understands what's impacting the big picture, in real time, and works together to drive better data-driven results — that's teamwork.

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